What is the Error?

Programming Foundations with Python >> Lessons >> Use Functions >> What is the Error?

Notes on Entire Course

  1. Download the Google Chrome Add on Youtube Playback Speed and control the speed of videos in real time by increments of .25 seconds by simply clicking the up arrow or down arrow (you can assign which keys you prefer to use). Hint: play this video specifically at .50 for pure entertainment

Notes on What is the Error?

  1. os.rename(src, dst) is what the answer was for Checking OS Documentation, but the answer the teacher uses is actually os.renames(old, new). Maybe they are essentially the same?  If you know, please comment the answer at the end of the post so I can add it here!

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Studying Udacity's Full Stack Web Developer program and passing on my improvements, hints, hacks, and updates to other students via ajoannaproject.wordpress.com.

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