Install Google App Engine

Intro to Backend >> Introduction >> Install Google App Engine


Because I could not get the .zip file to work on my Mac OS X, I downloaded a previous version of Google App Engine from here, that works great, and you can follow along with the Udacity videos with it:


I am using a Mac OS X and could not get Google App Engine to download from the Udacity and Google directions. After downloading from the Google website, for Mac, for Python, within the extracted .zip file, I could not find any .dmg file (the application file).

I heard from someone in a forum that Google App Engine is deprecated from Mac OS X, so it is no wonder that it did not work.


Note: I have the extracted .zip file from the website given on the Udacity video on my computer as well. I am not sure if you will need both that folder and this .dmg to work, or maybe try with just this .dmg file on your computer.





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