Slow the Videos to .75 Playback or Replay 5x, ‘Til It Sticks!

I slowed my video to .75, pressed replay over and over, and made my own comments within the code to better understand and really grasp what the code is doing, and why I wrote it.

I felt like I was just copy pasting whatever he wrote in the video without understanding what was actually going on. Instead of thinking, eh, I will probably get it later, I started to take the time, and extra energy, to learn it right when I wrote it.


So don’t be afraid to slow the video down to .75 (using the Youtube playback chrome add on I mentioned in another post), don’t be afraid to replay the video again and again, until it starts to stick, write comments in your code explaining in English what the code is actually doing, and if you need, replay sections of 5 seconds again and again too if that is the only part you keep daydreaming through.

Learning to code is HARD work.

I, for some reason, was misled to think it was easy. I was extremely wrong. Coding is definitely NOT easy! And it is pretty time consuming. And mind-boggling.

But you, you are a hard worker. And you and I both know that this hard work will really pay off if we keep at it 🙂

In the case of learning to code, the old saying really sticks:

If it’s easy or simple, IT IS NOT WORTH IT!

So remember… when you’re feeling overwhelmed…

All this hard work, to learn to code, is WORTH IT!


Author: ajoannaproject

Studying Udacity's Full Stack Web Developer program and passing on my improvements, hints, hacks, and updates to other students via

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