Quiz: Updating Away the Spam

Intro to Relational Databases >> Python DB-API >> Quiz: Updating Away the Spam

Troubleshooting where to input the code:

The code is entered into terminal, not into the actual code itself.

So if your server is up and running (you are able to view your page at localhost:8000), then within terminal, input these commands:

  1. Control – C
  2. psql forum
  3. update posts set content = ‘Cheese’ where content like ‘%spam%’;
  4. OUTPUT (do not type, this is what you will see as output): UPDATE [some number]
  5. Control – D
  6. python forum.py


You will be able to see your changes if you reload your localhost:8000 page.



Author: ajoannaproject

Studying Udacity's Full Stack Web Developer program and passing on my improvements, hints, hacks, and updates to other students via ajoannaproject.wordpress.com.

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