Putting It All Together

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Troubleshooting advice:

We are running python database_setup.py IN VAGRANT. Here is how to do that:

Step 1: Put your database_setup.py file inside fullstack/vagrant/new_folder_for_this_project (we used this directory within the last course, Relational Databases, minus the new folder we are adding special for this new database_setup.py file) so it looks like this:



Step 2: Within Terminal (aka your UNIX command line, given you are using a Mac)

cd into fullstack/vagrant

run: vagrant up

run: vagrant ssh

once in virtual machine…

cd /vagrant/fullstack/new_folder_you_just_made

run: python database_setup.py


Then the new folder you made should open and show a new file called restaurantmenu.db within it alongside database_setup.py.


Good job!





Author: ajoannaproject

Studying Udacity's Full Stack Web Developer program and passing on my improvements, hints, hacks, and updates to other students via ajoannaproject.wordpress.com.

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