The best way to find info on the lesson you are on is to search for the exact name of the lesson you are on within the Search bar on the right side of every page. I will title every blog post by the exact lesson name to make it easily searchable.

ajoannaproject.wordpress.com is a place for you to read (and for you to contribute) tips, hints, hacks (like the Youtube Playback Speed Control), edits, and corrections to each individual lesson within each course of Udacity’s Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree program.

As I complete the program and find helpful information to share with others, I will post them within this blog. Not all sections will be included; only those for which I can provide helpful info not covered within the lesson itself.

Please comment as you sit fit with edits, information of your own (on lessons for which I make posts OR other lessons within the course that I don’t cover in this blog), etc.

All negative unhelpful comments will be deleted. Positivity breeds success!